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What can you say?

So I volunteer, nothing new there. Still plugging away at Horizon, ONG and the Humane Society. I’m adding a youth running club to the list this summer – pretty excited about it. I really enjoy spending my time with others, … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Allie. I’m here to help

I started volunteering. Finally. For a hospice center and an inner city after school program. Pretty different, but equally rewarding, I think. My responsibilities for the hospice center are pretty clerical. Arrange flowers, greet people at the door, try not to break down … Continue reading

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Go Pack Go!!

I love the Packers, very, very much (particularly that tasty piece of bullet throwing eye candy quarterback of theirs. Raar). I have been to two regular season games (both with A Rodge’s fine ass throwing the pig skin) and one preseason, my very … Continue reading

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Howdy Mrs.

My best friend got married a little over a week ago. Married. Hitched. Tied the knot. Strapped on the ol’ ball and chain. Became someone’s “old lady” (even though she is young and super hot… I hate that phrase). And … Continue reading

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