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**This post was written in January** So I’ve started eating paleo, a.k.a. the caveman diet (for a challenge with my crossfit gym – do it all month, like Whole 30). I think I actually wrote about that once before (I … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, what?

I am having some trouble understanding. I’ve never been a huge follower of politics, but as I grow older, I feel like I should at least attempt to grow wiser. So I’ve been (trying to) following the ridiculous shenanigans of … Continue reading

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Rock with it. Roll with it. Run with it?

I’ve decided to take on a half marathon. The restaurant I manage is full of good-looking, primarily healthy/fit-ish girls so motivation to look and feel good is high. I’ve always enjoyed being active – danced when I was younger, play … Continue reading

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See you next year, sucka

New Year’s Resolutions are bullshit. Seriously. And don’t pretend like you don’t agree, New Year Resoluter. It’s the same every year – that first, magical day of your latest, greatest year ever looms around the corner, peeking out, anxiously waiting to pounce on … Continue reading

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