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Graffiti, Graffito, let’s call the whole thing off

While the Brewers, and every other team in the MLB, struggle with injuries and try to get their lineups in order for today’s season opener, Ryan Braun‘s sights are set higher than any pop fly heading for his glove. He has … Continue reading

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Blarney, I say!

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. A glorious excuse for one of the drunkest cities in the nation to drink. All. day. long. Have trouble getting up for that pesky job or class before 8 am? Such is not the case today. Today the wee … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, what?

I am having some trouble understanding. I’ve never been a huge follower of politics, but as I grow older, I feel like I should at least attempt to grow wiser. So I’ve been (trying to) following the ridiculous shenanigans of … Continue reading

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What’s not to like about art?

I love Milwaukee. I’m proud to be from here. I’m an avid boaster of pretty much everything that Milwaukee has to offer, and Wisconsin, generally (except that douchey governor douche – whom I did not vote for, by the way). … Continue reading

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