Whatever happened to Santa Claus?

Has anyone heard of that site, Shit My Dad Says? It’s pretty funny. But I recently realized that there should be other shit that other people say. Take my two-year-old niece, Mya, for example. Youth is an amazing thing – untainted and pure in its innocence and simplicity. Nothing fazes a child; they have yet to be jaded or scorned by the a*hole adults around them, crushing childhood dreams and blissful aloofness each day with tidbits of reality and truth. Remember Santa?

Well my niece says some pretty sweet things. Like last week when she told me she liked my shirt, then went on to tell me I’m pretty. Or last night, when I told her if she didn’t stop taking such big bites of her cookie I would take it away. A minute later she asked permission to cough, out of obvious fear that if I thought she had taken yet another esophagus-blocking bite and she gently coaxed the cookie out of her throat with a clearing cough, I would go apeshit and take away her well-deserved snack.

That girl is one smart muffin (too much cookie reference already). Santa should be safe with this one… at least for now.


About aekuopus

Let's try to nutshell this... I am a daughter (duh), a sister, an aunt (fun) and a friend. I enjoy spending time with all the people who make the aforementioned relationships possible, among other things. I pretend to know how to cook, drive and spell, and I seem to get along just fine. I have five cats, two dogs, two birds and a hamster, ranging in ages from 18-about a year (I am not a collector, perse, so much as an animal aficionado). I'm not a big fan of loss, or losing, but I am a big fan of the Packers, the Brewers, and basically anything that represents Wisconsin. I love cheese.
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