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Waiter, I’m a pain in the ass…

*DISCLAIMER* This post is harsh. But not at all untrue. There is some language that a lady should probably not use so freely, but (spoiler alert!), a lady I am not. I manage a restaurant. I have for about two … Continue reading

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Howdy Mrs.

My best friend got married a little over a week ago. Married. Hitched. Tied the knot. Strapped on the ol’ ball and chain. Became someone’s “old lady” (even though she is young and super hot… I hate that phrase). And … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Santa Claus?

Has anyone heard of that site, Shit My Dad Says? It’s pretty funny. But I recently realized that there should be other shit that other people say. Take my two-year-old niece, Mya, for example. Youth is an amazing thing – … Continue reading

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